You may now clean hair deeply, leaving it smelling fresh and manageable.
At ease, shampoo.
I don’t know what you do.
But you’re bloody expensive!
So it must be important.
But do try to lather a bit more, conditioner.
Try to be a bit more like shampoo.
Shampoo lathers quite nicely, don’t you?
Yes, you’re a good man, shampoo.
I knew your father. We fought alongside each other in the great price attack of 94!


From the Art of Manliness:

Find your throwing line. As with throwing a tomahawk, the key to successfully throwing a knife is the distance between you and the target. Measure off about five normal steps from the target and draw a line. That should give you enough distance so the knife makes a complete rotation in the air before sticking in the target.

Take a full step back. Once you’ve found your throwing line, take a full step back.

Take a 45 degree step back and to the left. Sort of like a field goal kicker. If you’re left-handed, take a 45 degree step back and to the right.

Throwing steps. You’ll notice that your throw line is now two steps in front of you. That’s what we want. This room for two steps will allow us to get as much power as we can behind our throw. As Tom says, “You want to step to your throw line.”

Stand so your weak-side shoulder faces the target. If you’re right-handed, your left shoulder is facing the target; if you’re left-handed, your right shoulder faces the target. Take one step forward with your back foot.

Now step towards your throw line with your front foot. Tom says it’s almost like you’re winding up for a baseball pitch. Really stretch towards that line.

Throw the knife as hard as you can. In order to successfully throw a knife, you have to throw it hard. “You gotta throw it so hard that when the knife sticks, the tree’s ancestors feel it,” says Tom.

Keep your knife horizontal to the target throughout the throw. This ensures you get proper knife rotation when you release the knife.

Release the knife. When your throwing arm is fully extended towards the target, simply let go of the knife.

Just let go of the knife.

Follow through. Whether you’re throwing a baseball or a knife, always follow through.

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